Wednesday, August 11, 2021

God and Numbers

 God must be a brilliant mathematician; that's as well and a physicist and a chemist (see previous posts on water and the three amigos ( C N and O) 
There is no going back on that because in the last few decades alone , the universe has revealed its absolutely incredible reliance on the correct and most beautiful numbers. ie the ones that make it work .The constants that since the big bang propelled the pieces to create the parts that eventually came to produce us - the creatures that could appreciate the inherent art in it all . Have you ever read Carlyle? 
I'm a practical scientist so I do appreciate the mechanical ( and I love to make things out of wood and steel), but as I have got older and more into this amazing place and its hidden spaces, the more I have wondered on how much better the universe works than how human's work and how much we doll up our meagre mechanistic creations ( but that another matter  for another time ) 

The Creator is very very good at numbers and insists on using the right numbers to get things done. WE know about precision but God knows more  about it and the additional reality of wriggle room ; the reality of resilience - how much plasticity and variation is still there in ALL the numbers  remember the uncertainty principle 
The universe maybe mostly  mechanism ,but not totally so . 
Everyone who ever builds or makes anything knows that if you don't get the right numbers, even the most basic of machines , recipes or whatever .will not work - Infact, nothing in all creation will ever work ,if the numbers aren't right ; even if you left your ingredients  sitting around on a planet for billions of years . 

So what's with this idea of the determinist's that the machine just grows things because of selection of random mutations. god is in the mutations ? Whatever this faith is it is not a very concrete thought for the day and all them self determined days before us . 
No, sorry BUT that business of natural selection is only one mechanism that explains how variation occurs in living systems: how life adapts to changing homes ;how resilience is built into creation.  it doesn't explain the big picture of creation  . 

Evolution and adaption doesn't explain everything , only some things .
If we were really honest and big picture questioning  we would see that the discovery of the reality  of some evolution in nature came along at just the right time to be adapted to a philosophy - to bolster up the stale old but now re growing faith in pure progress in 19 Cent - which was steaming along because of the genuine growth of science and the  positive products of the industrial revelations .
But the wrong process stuffed into an organ is  still is a sore in the living thing and needs to be cast out.
Faith in progress is still a huge  sore today. Despite the catastrophic an inhumane  failure of atheistic revolutions around the world over the last century , thesis and antithesis still produce grinding tyranny as a result of people adopting faith in "The Synthesis" a predictable consequence often of  someone's narrow and mere self centered arguments.(eg  his greed, my need).    

SURE it a choice . You can believe selection of mutations is a good God substitute but you are saying random mutations are everything ; you are believing we have no control over anything.  

God is the one who not only knows how to make numbers work ; he knows exactly how many of each , and more importantly the rate and other equations between the various molecules numbers and particles ( if "particles " is ultimately what we are dealing with when we talk numbers )  .
You can presume, as some do, that there is no God,  but that makes any answer to "who started it" ' who do I thank "or blame " so distant and deterministic that any tweaking , adaption and co-adjustment since the  start at infinity if known ,unreasonable and not worth chasing.  
Yes you can just wonder , and wonder with all the cynics till the cows come home , why nothing ever changes ever and ever since.  Strangely evolutionary determinism has determined that any new numbers are dim lights to  one simple stupid process whose first name is now used where it doesn't necessarily fit. 

Myths and legends based on trying to find the right  numbers

1. The numbers of bulls killed by the Emperors when planning the future ( Emperor Julian )

2.  The overly simple promotion of the mechanics of democracy.
A good democracy is much more than numbers but many dumb post moderns refuse to go further than trust the wisdom and glory that comes from numbers over 51% ( maybe related to simpleminded faith in progress ) 
 Many post moderns make the mistake of thinking  democracy works when you have a majority (eg Timor &Thailand ) . After all, if there no God there has to be a formula --an simple evolved synthesis  so they think that's it 51% is thought by the determinists to have magic powers. ( and they want us to believe they aren't religious) 
 The new religion of automatic  progress means magically good stuff  comes out of the oven complete ; out of history of thesis and antithesis ,. This is despite eall the atrocious blind determinism of these twentieth century experiments' with it show --- Hegel Marx and all the rest ( incl the recent )were wrong -it does not work  Even Robespierre and Napoleon changed their minds about what works. They tried killing people to get the right numbers. 
3.  Add one of you own  

Majorities and clunky mechanisms  that  don't work  One big trouble with the above idea ( worship of a simple technology or a mechanism or named process )  is that the majority can be wrong and the sheep ( or lemmings if you prefer ) can all still go astray . The strong don't always win over the weak ,especially if the weak can see or smell what pong is drawing  the strong .
The numbers of believers or wise people don't matter in a census/ vote - the power of language makes humans have unique potential to solve even the most complex of threats . The odd thing is that the result of informed voting does not depend ,  not on mere facts ( that's a disaster ) but who is wise enough to know which facts to watch.   
A mutation won't always come before an environmental threat kills the animal or plant concerned, so YOU can be behind the response times if you insist ,in your decision to use a very simple theory of how things work . 
Democracies that work 
 Effective democracies work when the leadership trust  that all people are made in the image of God and can make God like decisions  ( pretty amazing mechanism eh !) ,  Its not that leaders always do this but they can . Forget the strong , the aristocracy, the rich , the wise in their own eyes . 
Its informed attitude in action,( language )  not numbers in action that make it work and therefore look for the change of heart in the people ( god in  people ) that makes them insist on good leadership . 

Examples from History 
Abraham that father of many nations, was just a sheep man. yet he won wars for many and gave away the spoils .  
Gideon was told he had too many men to win the battle. God told him the right numbers----much smaller than he thought he needed.   
Jesus had nobody to defend him in court but the world found his case convincing. 

Now to something current 
( you can suggest changes as this needs editing and is for discussion  ) 

Death threats from 

1 Disease 1 
COVID   It is testing for what ? Snowballs in a blizzard ? Presence or absence of what?.
As the causal links from tests up to deaths are questionable , political confidence is even more questionable .
We are called to follow our leader, but please answer our questions ( big problem 18mths since the start) or your credibility over the connections can fail.  

 2  Too much carbon dioxide.  

I won't go into why the Creator let CO2 go sky high for a while ( Carboniferous ages) and then later left us lots of  wriggle room so we could enjoy thrust heat and power.  and plants could grow ( with stomata)  and we go to sleep on a minuscule amount of it present.   
You can worry that its going up ,but I wouldn't and most physicists, plant physiologists  and sound geological earth scientists don't either. 

Please ask questions as this last bit is incomplete but reflects my response  as a scientist with many serious questions on the credibility of public cause agents  in the above areas.  You have a good day .  


Saturday, July 03, 2021

Mere machine activity may hide the structure and function beyond it .

We know our engine is running ,we don't know what for , but we know we don't want its work to go just anywhere. . The big question for many of us who did our key university studies 50 years ago (in biology, chemisty and physics) is "what have scientists learned in those 5 decades. about how it all works "-;; Following Darwin ,we learnt then that all characteristics were fixed in DNA sequences and selected via phenotype ; random genotype changes in DNA being the only key to any changes up the line .. What if we were too focused on one directional activity. when most of the internal workings are circular? It seems that researchers have learnt that phenotype is not just influenced by the random genotype machine; that there are some changes and communal orientations within cells and with RNA in particular that influence how sequences ( and perhaps other cell components?)actually effect cell function.

This scientific reality can be expected to drive a wedge between those OUTSIDE the simple mechanistic study who see on the one hand "Evolution as the answer to everything " and those who want to insist "God is not dead and still does some creating ". Why not see both evolution and intervention as joint ( partial even) rather than singularly effective forces - esp as that tension maintains the general expectation that what we live with is extremely complex and improbable" . I mean, aren't the very surprising discoveries in physics in the same period only adding to the sense of deliberate creative authorship and using a range of forces - not just one? Prominent biologist Asar Gray wasn't phased by the reality of both evolution and intervention occurring together at the time of Darwin . Why can't we ? New authors like R Kojonen , A Wagner " Arrival of the fittest "and M Denton will hopefully challenge the church to stop resisting evolution simply because it seems to threaten fixed ideas of the Creators influence.

Sunday, March 08, 2020

The wonder of water

When I look at our still very green tomatoes and wish the sun would come through and do its wonderful work again, I also think of the wonder of those stable three amigos C N and O ( Carbon Nitrogen and Oxygen ) and their not so simple friend the Proton .
Someone very smart made H and O to work together so well that it absorbs such a wide range of radiation as a liquid and yet, as a gas, it can reflect things and universally and throughout the universe lets the heat and the light through; And that doesn't include the wonderful creative reality that as a solid, it expands, preserving the opportunity for other creative forces to work under water in particular ,
We might be well schooled, but we are not very well educated.
Our post modern people feel things rather than think things through.  We are prone to think in a superficial way about all the facts that crowd and cloud our days..
Take a simple reality like humidity,  which we can’t see or even feel .( except indirectly) 
Compare it to temperature,  which we can all feel; minute by minute and day by day.   
Australia's summer of 2019 We all felt the temperature this summer , but we missed seeing the water in the air  .
Even though  80 % of the world’s surface is covered by  it in a form that we can see , we often don’t see it hovering over our dry land .
The sun and spin quietly move water it into higher and lower positions on the earth .  We don’t easily see that the air is fairly full of water , most of the time . It only takes a little push and the wonderful medicine will  drop right out 

We didn't see the water in late 2019,  when some felt “ the hottest and driest summer ever”. 
We missed seeing the substantial unseen fact that it was smoky at the same time as the bushfires were on  .

We were , as a country , running on our feelings,  not sound science. The reason that it was smoky is because  high humidity limits combustion . It wasn’t as dry and dangerous as many felt it was.
Despite all the feelings about it , the earth does not warm just because we burn fossil fuels . The higher humidity from combustion actually helps cloud out the sun’s daily warming effect .

We didn't see the water in the air  this February either. Our newly wetted land couldn't shake the rain and the clouds  because it kept rising up to fall all over again
I wrote this piece this morning


Thursday, August 08, 2019

The relevant facts are those we don't know

I wonder how many decades it will take the sub science worship leaders at the ABC to realize that mere fact checking is likely to hasten dementia death and boxing ourselves up too early and too easily . As Chesterton said ---its not facts that last,  but fancy .
No one,  for example,  understands the contradictions in that concise collection of stories.  ( 66 books limit set around 300 AD - 1500 pages is nothing)
 We acknowledge ( if have half a brain )those books as the framing documents for the West's quite concrete understanding of how law ,history purpose, evil , love and liberty work. I mean if you are serious,  you can live elsewhere under different laws.

Our reactionary friends in the media ( especially) have spent their lives diving into the deep but ordered oceans of the universe with only a complete cynicism of a God of Love and Creator as their guide .Look what else they have found -- in all those decades .Something for all the tyrants and "God doesn't care about individuals " to play with?  Imageo Deo is gone
The result of course has to be bad --- how sad . How sad the reactionaries  have left the world. How much sadder can it get if individual injustices really don't matter ?
Luckily drunks and unhappy persons ( the organisation AA) who don't get taxpayer funded trips to explore don't always buy the comfortable chairs the new comfort zone critics  have created

The doctrine of the TRINITY must takes the cake for incomprehensibility to the petty pedants;
 Three parts to one ; two visible ones you can study, but one you can't see .They call it the wind .    But determinists can't have things we can't see - that is likely to limit their  claims to understanding.
The TRINITY is  impossible in mere facts and maths terms, but it can be a reasonable working paradigm for someone who really wants to explore the universe. some parts seen and ordered , some parts not seen and could enter the picture from any direction or place . 

The logical other possibility too is this
The relevant facts are those we don't know - or have dismissed from our minds ?

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sustainable reliable renewable power sources

"Sustainable reliable renewable power sources that actually work."
Many in 2018 talk of faith in what mere man can do in the form of new batteries. Lets first talk of what we know - the fact check.
And when we come to what we know on sustainable power sources , who knows really , where to start ?
the ultimate multiverse , ..the friendly carbon chains . the universe ,, the elements,,,,,the sun in their somewhere ,,,,,the phytochromes ,the platelets, the fats , the liver , ATP and glycogen "etc etc etc (" It was King & I day Sunday yesterday)
Talking about possibilities and false faiths , it seem to me that if the god evolution invented all this , the power source would be, like our inventions , as heavy as hell - and not able to fly like we, the birds and the angels can . Elon Musk may well disapppear into the mists,,,,,,,,, from whence he came ?

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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Whose in charge of your life ? Who would you want it to be ?

This convert to the Christian faith outlines some of the classic reasons why he sees his former faith as one of denial of the existence of God and the possibility that following God as revealed in Christ can be good .

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Gravity constants

In a world full of uncertainty , its great to know some constants .
Look  up John Jefferson Davis on probabilities and Brendon Carter on gravity constants and their significance for origins in the universe 

ABCTV Are those who have made it their cause to be sceptical of everything able to identify the implications of constants?   Are ABCTV,  after failing to prevent panic about water conservation,   incompetent to present science?     

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